Sunday, 3 February 2013

Fortuitous: happening by chance, especially by a lucky chance; unplanned; accidental

There are so many accidents in life that lead us down one road as opposed to another, leaving us to wonder just how different things might have been if such a fortuitous event had never been bestowed upon us.  But my question is… Is it fortuitous?  Or is it fate?

The idea of fate having every last episode planned out for us, predetermined, predestined, is a disturbing thought.  Are we really that helpless when it comes to making our own choices in life?

Just as easy as it is to believe in fate, divine providence running our lives, it is easy to believe in fortune playing its part.  I suppose this option leaves us with a little more power, but it’s still just as disappointing to think we’re supposed to wait around for the right moment, the right move, the right people just to fall into our laps.

However, the possibility that we create what we receive, leaving fate and fortune out of the mix entirely, is another widely held idea, and the most empowering vision of all.

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