Tuesday, 21 August 2012

inept: awkward, clumsy, or incompetent

No matter what it is, when we are at the beginning of something new, there is a certain amount of ineptitude that arises within us as we move forward towards mastering our new hobby, craft, or skill.

But is it fair to consider ourselves inept at something we don't claim to be an expert at?  I think that a certain amount of awkwardness is expected from almost any novice in any field.  But for how long are we considered a newbie?  For as long as we label ourselves as such?  If this were so, then there would be no reason to feel inept, to feel as if we don't measure up, for we could forever linger in the learning phase.

Considering oneself as a beginner for an extended period of time could really work to one's advantage.  We are more willing to allow ourselves to make foolish mistakes, and we are also more willing to learn from those bumbling blunders.  We are more open to the advice and suggestions from others whom we consider have mastered whatever it is we are trying to get a firm grasp on.  And most importantly, as a plebe just dipping our toes into the water running off the fountain of success, we are all the more ready and willing to prove ourselves capable, and therefore have a heightened sense of fiery motivation urging us onward.

I would rather look at myself as a rookie forever and always and accept that I am going to feel inept from time to time, than believe I have reached a state of perfection in which there is no room left for me to learn or grow or improve.  But, perhaps I can get rid of any and all feelings of ineptitude if I look at the whole situation through the eyes of someone who genuinely wants to advance, someone who is striving for a state close to perfection believing that true perfection will never be possible, someone who feels no guilt in making mistakes because they are expected of me.......an amateur.  I am an amateur and I claim my title proudly, opening up myself to the freedom of oopsies, uh-ohs, I didn't mean to's and a whole lot of 'it's okay she's just a newbie'.

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