Wednesday, 15 August 2012

What If? Blogfest

I stumbled upon this fun contest and decided I'd give it a go.

You pick a fairytale (I picked Cinderella), and here's the fun part..... you ask yourself  'What If?'

Then pick one of the following categories:
-Best Plot Twist
-Best Love Story (I'm a sucker for romance, so yep this was my choice)
-Best Tragedy
-Best Comic Relief

Then you write a scene(s) illustrating a new detail of the fabled fairytale that changes
our perspective. 300 words max.

Here goes:

A Secret To Share

After the jubilation of festivities surrounding their wedding day, Cinderella sat down with her new husband.

Expecting to hear words of love and excitement over their freshly stated vows, Cinderella became nervous when the Prince said he had a secret to share.

With glistening eyes and a lump in his throat, Prince Charming slowly began:

“Cinderella darling, now that we’re married there’s something I must tell you. Please don’t look too much into it, for it was nothing more than a one night stand, but since I would like to start our union off on the right foot, I really must tell you …..’

His palms were sweaty and his voice was a bit shaky. He grabbed Cinderella’s hands, looked deeply into her eyes, and finally spilled out the words he’d been trying to cough up.

“I slept with your sister.”

He’d uttered the whole sentence almost in one breath, and as he sat waiting patiently for his sweethearts’ response, he took a moment to calm his breathing.

After several minutes filled with anticipation and an emotion close to dread, Cinderella finally spoke.

“Well sweetie, I forgive you. Whatever happened before me isn’t something I can control. But I believe that a marriage should be based on trust, therefore, I also have something to share.

Now it was Charming’s turn to distress. What kind of secret could this beautiful, innocent creature possibly be holding?

Cinderella quickly blurted out what she’d been so longing to tell him.

“I was born a man.” she said, leaving poor Prince Charming flabbergasted and in a state of pure confusion. Would he be able to come to terms with the fact that his trophy wife was really at one point, male? It was going to take quite an explanation for them to overcome this newest revelation.


  1. Now that was unexpected! I love the spin you put on the tale. A double twist!
    I'm popping in from the bloghop.

    1. thanks :) thanks for stopping in to have a read :)

  2. hahaha! This is great! Could totally go for team comedy too! What a fun entry. Guess Charming got what was coming to him. :) Or maybe a little more...

  3. Hahahaha! Er... that would definitely stir some trouble... and I didn't think Cinderella could top the prince's revelation! Great work here! :)

  4. thanks guys :) glad you enjoyed it

  5. Oh no poor Prince Charming, I think. I guess they were made for each other. LOL!

  6. This noses into the comedy category for me! Very fun. Cinderella's revelation is easier to forgive, I mean as long as she's all woman now...!