Thursday, 9 August 2012

quiescent:being at rest; quiet; still; inactive or motionless

I definitely wish my life held just a few more quiescent moments. 

As I run around all day, chasing after my two darling, yet forever mischievous daughters I try to escape to a quiescent corner of my mind, hoping for a moment to breathe.  However, I am greeted by a thousand little thoughts stirring and buzzing about.  Yes, I know that I still have to decide what's for dinner.  And yes, I am worried that the cat's been out all night and still hasn't come back.  And yes, I am already thinking about all the things I have to do tomorrow.  But can't I have just one tiny moment of silence.  One simple second of peace. 

Admittedly, I can feel my frustration escalating.  The harder I search, the more that little wink of serenity that I am so longing for, alludes me.  If only it were as simple as removing myself to another room, but those darling little monsters will soon follow.  And if they don't follow, than I know I will just have thoughts of 'what are those crazy bugs, full of curiosity getting into now' to add to my already too-full mind. 

Just when I am on the brink of disaster, ready to explode, after hours of trying, those two little monsters have finally gone to sleep.  If only I could just sit down and enjoy a cup of tea while I relax and stare at the wall.  That's right, no TV, no music.  I really do just want one quiescent moment.  If only!  But suddenly, despite the fact that he's had all day to discuss with me whatever is on his mind, 'Darling Dearest' becomes Chatty Cathy.  Oh, how I wish there were a mute button.  I'm only half listening to what he has to say, and still wishing for my moment of quiescence.

Finally, whether it's due to the late hour, or that last bottle of beer running empty, Chatty Cathy retires for the night.  Although, it has taken all day and it is nearing midnight, I finally have my moment.  The room is not completely silent.  I can hear the slow mumble of the baby swing moving back and forth.  The fan is still whirring to its own tune.  Even the apartment itself is making a few noises, quirks and spurts are coming from the fridge, the walls, the floors.  But in this moment I am mostly motionless.  I am at rest.  I am quiescent.

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